CB1 displays pure hypocrisy hassling the Institute of Culinary Education

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October 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

In March of this year, the CB1 did a “180” and backed off of their many years of opposition to Pier-A, and voted to allow the Poulakakos restaurant team to have an unheard-of 4:00 AM closer cabaret liquor license. This is despite Pier-A being very near the PS 276 school and other residential buildings. Therefore, the CB1 cannot justifiably oppose any other liquor license without being hypocritical.

The CB1 met tonight and the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) was applying for their liquor license. In the video above, watch CB1’s Tammy Meltzer and Anthony Notaro give the prestigious ICE a hard time for wanting to open a college in Brookfield Place that will do nothing but teach chefs.

BatteryPark.TV then asks, “This board seems concerned about the cars and noise that might be created by ICE functions. So, why did you unanimously approve the Pier-A 4:00 AM license?”. To which, Anthony Notaro replied, “I am not answering that question.”.

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