Anthony Notaro refuses to pass resolution in support of Mike Fortenbaugh’s North Cove Marina

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October 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

The CB1 met tonight and allowed the Commodore of the North Cove Marina, Mike Fortenbaugh, to give a presentation in support of his RFP application to maintain control of the marina. He was awarded the contract by the BPCA ten years ago, which is expiring this December.

There is good reason for Mr. Fortenbaugh to worry, despite his good record with the marina. The Chairman of the BPCA, Dennis Mehiel, is replacing as many of the people whom he did not hire as he can and replacing them with his own. Every new contract the BPCA awards is a favor that the governor, Mehiel’s boss, can put in the bank. Also, the BPCA’s record with past contracts has been dubious, often ignoring the final score spit out by the RFP calculator.

Mr. Fortenbaugh brought a large crew of his sailing club to show support but few if any of them live in Battery Park City. However, what he needed to achieve from the CB1 meeting was a resolution in support of him continuing to operate the marina.

Anthony Notaro, chair of the CB1, who routinely acts in the best interest of the BPCA rather than the community, refused to put a resolution up to vote. He gave vague promises of possibly doing so in November, but the RFP applications are due this month.

George Calderaro offered, “Maybe we can pass a resolution saying we are not endorsing one or the other.”. That was the gratitude Mr. Fortenbaugh received for his service to the community.

Meanwhile, sources tell us that the big Canadian bullies, Brookfield Properties, are one of the competing RFP applicants and want to run the marina themselves.

Of note, the no one from the Broadsheet (BS) attended the meeting. Stay tuned to see whether the BS, which receives significant funding from the BPCA, stays quiet so as to not offend the hand that feeds it. Robert Simko, the publisher of the BS, lives in the apartment building as Mr. Fortenbaugh.)

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  1. JJ says:

    These CB1 board members = morally corrupt

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