CB1’s Evan Lacher breaks speed record: 24 minute meeting

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DSC00201March 5, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

The most notable event from the BPC subcommittee of CB1 meeting tonight was how the leader, Evan Lacher, completed most of the business within 24 minutes. The normal leader, Anthony Notaro, was on vacation. This should be a lesson to all of the CB1 members that the CB1 events can be concluded much faster than they normally are.

Also in the groundbreaking category was that a “journalist” asked a question during the meeting, for the first time in memory (excluding BatteryPark.TV which often interjects). BP.TV has a Freedom of Information Act request pending to determine the laws or regulations upon which CB1 members have based their assertions that the public and media cannot speak during CB1 meetings. We are still waiting for a reply.

Regarding the topics of the meeting, Brookfield Properties management was not present, so no updates on the new tenants to occupy Brookfield Place were given. Matt Monahan of the BPCA was also absent, so no updates on the Asphalt Green and ballfields were given. Evan Lacher did mention that more progress was made with the city DOT on the traffic crossing safety problem of West Thames Street and South End Avenue. Lastly, the pedestrian bridge at West Thames is being built with new urgency, as the Mayor wants to see shovel in the ground before he leaves office.

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