CB1’s Jeff Galloway a no-show for the marina rally

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Update December 19, 2014- Bob Townley is now all of a sudden the biggest supporter of the marina. At the December 18th meeting he spoke up. However, this is all AFTER the NYT article came out. Mr. Townley was a no-show at the Monday rally, like all of the other Cb1 members.

December 17, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV previously pointed out the conspicuous absence at the North Cove Marina rally of the BPC subcommittee chairman Anthony Notaro. Also missing was CB1 member Jeff Galloway. Mr. Galloway has strategically missed the crucial CB1 meetings that discussed the BPCA’s RFP for the marina.

Perhaps trying to fool the crowd with the Galloway name, Mr. Galloway’s wife was in attendance at the rally. She gave an offensive speech trying to pass herself off as some sort of community leader, when she has done nothing but lead the pro-dog group called BPC dogs.

Where was her husband for the rally? Where was Jeff Galloway on October 7th when the CB1 could have passed a resolution in support of Mike Fortenbaugh, but did not?

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