CB1’s Jeff Galloway convicted of felony tax evasion

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Update July 21, 2015- Jeff Galloway will be sentenced tomorrow in Part 1 of the Supreme Criminal Court, 100 Centre Street, 15th Floor, room 1530, at 9:30 AM.

June 4, 2015-By Steven E. Greer

The WSJ is reporting that long-time member of CB1, Jeff Galloway, a partner at prestigious law firm Hughes, Hubbard and Reed LLP, has been convicted of felony tax evasion. Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance was the prosecutor.

According to a law blog, “Galloway will be officially sentenced on July 22. Under the terms of his plea agreement, he must pay $600,000 in taxes, resign from the bar, and serve three months in jail- an end to a successful legal career.”

CB1 is chaired by Catherine McVay Hughes. Anthony Notaro oversees the CB1 committee upon which Mr. Galloway served. Of note, Mr. Notaro himself is being investigated by the city Conflicts of Interest Board.

Mr. Galloway has been the subject of many BatteryPark.TV articles exposing his conflicts of interest and attempts to pass “resolutions” and “MOU’s” to restrict Asphalt Green from competing with Manhattan Youth. Mr. Galloway was part of the Sheldon Silver Downtown political machine.

Although he reportedly earned approximately $1 Million a year from his law firm, Mr. Galloway lives in Gateway Plaza renting several apartments that have been combined together, which enjoy rent-stabilization protection that Sheldon Silver helped arrange with the BPCA.

In addition to being on the CB1, Mr. Galloway made himself one of the leaders of the dog community in BPC. His BPC Dogs and other lobbying efforts have led to the creation of the dog runs. However, his dog group has also opposed sensible measures to curb dogs, reduce the sidewalk urination problem, and thwarted efforts to reduce dog barking noise coming from the dog runs.

The proposed new pedestrian bridge that will span the West Side Highway at West Thames Street will land at the West Thames dog run. Mr. Galloway has met in secret with the designers of the bridge in an attempt to prevent a ramp from being installed that would cut into the dog run space. Instead, Mr. Galloway wants stairs, which would be more compact. However, handicapped people will be unable to use stairs, requiring unreliable elevators to be installed (The elevators on all of the pedestrian bridges of Battery Park City have been out of order for years).

The WSJ article states, “A lawyer has pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud while earning close to $1 million a year as a New York City-based partner with the law firm Hughes, Hubbard and Reed LLP, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said Thursday.

Jeff Galloway, 61 years old, pleaded guilty to criminal tax fraud in the third degree, a D class felony, according to the district attorney’s office. He is expected to be sentenced on July 22.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., said: “When individuals fail to pay their fair share, New Yorkers are forced to make up the difference. I thank our partners at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for their work on this case, and for ensuring that those who seek to avoid accountability are held responsible.”

According to court documents and his plea, Mr. Galloway failed to file his New York State personal income tax returns and pay the taxes owed upon his earnings between 2005 and 2010.

In April 2012, when approached by state tax department investigators about his repeated failure to file, Mr. Galloway falsely claimed he had filed his tax returns, but had made a typographical error with his Social Security number in the returns.

He then filed amended New York State personal income tax returns for the same tax years, purportedly in order to correct the typographical error, but these were also fraudulent, the district attorney’s office said. The amended returns, also claimed excessive deductions, including—among other things—claiming rent for four Battery Park City residential apartments and monthly garage parking in Manhattan for two personal vehicles.”

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  1. J says:

    Jesus Christ that’s a bad bad story for him.

  2. Big says:

    Yes. He has three or four apartments. All rent stabilized under the special BPCA plan negotiated with Lefrak under Silver’s prodding.

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