Chief Misinformation Officer of BPCA gets 45% raise during recession

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Opinion January 20, 20131

BatteryPark.TV has previously reported on the long delays in the opening of the Asphalt Green facility caused by contract disputes between then CEO of the BPCA, Gayle Horwitz, and Asphalt Green. Hired by Ms. Horwitz, Anne Fenton was the chief architect of a lengthy misinformation strategy to explain to the outraged community that the delays were due to city permit processes, rather than the actual contract standoff.

Gayle Horwitz, and her boss, former Chairman Bill Thompson, are no longer at the BPCA. However, Ms. Fenton remains. BP.TV has exclusively obtained the details of Fenton’s salary raise.

On December 12, 2012, long after it was revealed that she was misleading the community over Asphalt Green, Anne Fenton received a promotion of duties and raise in pay. Her new job title is now “Executive Vice President, Operations”, and her salary was boosted by a whopping 45%, from $100,000 to $145,000.

In this economic depression and high unemployment in the New York area, and with  budget restraints throughout city and state government, it seems to be a tone-deaf political move by the BPCA to grant raises, not to mention a 45% raise. What political compromise might have caused this move is unknown.

As VP of Operations, Ms. Fenton oversaw the most recent scandal caused by the BPCA, which was the use of lengthy RFP’s to delay the reconstruction of the ballfields on Murray Street, jeopardizing the little League season. BP.TV exclusively reported that the bylaws of the BPCA, in fact, did not require RFP’s. After community outrage, once again, the BPCA recently announced that there would be a change in strategy to allow for immediate work to begin.

If you are incensed and fed up by this lack of accountability by our unelected BPCA officials, and the consequential harm done to the community, please speak up and post your comments.

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5 Responses to Chief Misinformation Officer of BPCA gets 45% raise during recession

  1. Archimedes says:

    Unelected raisers of ground rent. This does seem a little excessive.

  2. Chris says:

    Do we know what type of qualifications she has for the position? When viewing this video, it does not inspire confidence in her at all.

  3. Alex says:

    Wonderful! So Ms. Fenton can make sure things are endlessly delayed with Asphalt Green and other projects…. I would be very interested to read her resume…. I wonder how long BPCA will take us all for a ride? I hope that they will eventually be accountable for their actions or in this case, lack of actions!!

  4. Liz McCabe says:

    I would like to see a list of every employee of Battery Park City Authority and the Park Conservancy along with their salaries, which the public has the right to.

    All we need to do is request it via a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIL), that Battery Park TV has used quite successfully to bring to light the corruption at the BPCA. I doubt this is an isolated situation. There is a reason the BPCA removed the names of senior management from the website and now it just lists the Board of Directors.

  5. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for investigating. I attended the meeting with the video above; which i believe took place in August or September. Like many others who attended that night, we were looking (and promised) answers as to why Asphalt Green had not opened and why all construction had stopped.

    Ann Fenton lied with every question she was asked about the cause of delays and litigation. At the time, I was surprised that Fenton was not “forced to resign” just like Horwitz after the truth had come out. Instead, her lying and incompetence is rewarded with a a 48% raise. Not only did she lie to residents, government officials etc. but all the projects she “leads” are at a standstill.

    With this information that you gathered, does the BPCA really think there will be no Attorney General investigation?

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