Tribeca’s China Blue gets horrible review in NY Daily News

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China Blue whole fishFebruary 5, 2014- The new Tribeca Chinese joint, China Blue, was destroyed by the Daily News restaurant reviewer today. Sadly, we have to agree with most of what they wrote. BP.TV was giving the place a few more months before we too wrote that the management seems blitheringly incompetent.

The Daily News review states, “Losing beloved French standby Capsouto Freres after 33 years meant tragedy for Tribeca. But China Blue’s arrival is an even bigger one. It’s not just that insipid interpretations of Shanghai cuisine cost triple what you’d pay in Chinatown for 10 times the quality. Or that anonymous fixtures and cheap furniture now desecrate Capsouto Freres’ once-elegant room. No, it’s also that China Blue’s slapdash, amateurish, and even apathetic operation practically stomps on the spirit of a restaurant that epitomized professionalism, warmth and cordiality.

We pondered the shock of aqua-blue walls with dangling, exposed wires as we dug for meat in a cold, gelatinous pile of marinated duck ($12).

The wheels come off this bus when the entrees arrive. Our server described West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce ($22) as typical of Shanghai. But if that’s the case, it’s one less place we’ll visit. Carelessly plopped next to its grayish body, a forlorn-looking fish head glared at us from its gluey bath of saccharine sauce. Bones of all shapes and sizes nearly make the bass inedible, which may have been a good thing.”

Blue China pork dumplingBlue China reading room

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