Christie has tax payers fund whitewash report. Sound familiar?

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cropped-Christie-Silver-classics-text.jpgMarch 27, 2014- New Jersey Governor Christie had his constituents foot for the bill for a “report” that he commissioned to exonerate him of wrongdoing in the Bridegate scandal. He even hired his own personal defense lawyer, Randy Mastro, to “investigate” and write the report.

During the press conference today, Mr. Mastro got free advertising for his law firm via a gratuitous placard on the lectern with font that was 6-inches high. Rabbis around the country must have seen this and said, “Boy, that takes a lot off chutzpah.”.

If this self-investigation by a beleaguered state official, using tax dollars, sounds familiar, then you are correct.

Did the Chairman/CEO of the BPCA investigate himself?

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