Christmas Tree lot at 3 Place

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November 27, 2011

There is a nice Christmas tree lot outside of Battery Place Market on 3 Place and Battery Place Street. They call it “BP Trees” and it is managed by Heather. They will do custom work for you, such as deliver anywhere, find special trees and poinsettias, etc.

Call (609) 665-7283 for prices


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2 Responses to Christmas Tree lot at 3 Place

  1. Kyle says:

    This group has other locations in the city, including one in Tribeca. However, I purchased a tree at their Tribeca location on Sunday afternoon at around 1pm and they took my cash, wrote down my information and promised to deliver within an hour or two. They never delivered the tree and I forgot to ask for a card or contact info. So now I have to go back to their location on Monday to see what happened to my tree. It cost me an entire day, as I couldn’t get out to do anything since I was expecting the delivery. You would think when spending $220 for a tree, that they could figure out how to deliver or at least call your contact number to tell you that they had ran into problems. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a scam to steal my money.


  2. Kyle says:

    Just updating my prior comment. The finally delivered the tree just after 9pm on Sunday night. The long wait was a bit much but would have been fine had they told me it would take that long. The tree does look and smell great though. Very happy with the tree!

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