City Council bill to limit tour buses Downtown

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Tour bus moved by PEP North End AveSeptember 26, 2016- From a press release, “Today at 1 p.m., a bill introduced by Council Member Margaret Chin to limit the number of tour buses on City streets will be heard at a joint hearing of the Council’s Consumer Affairs and Transportation committees.

The bill, Intro 950, would limit the number of active license plates that the city Dept. of Consumer Affairs can issue to sightseeing buses.

In 2014, 56.5 million visitors came to New York City to visit, shop, and eat, an increase of more than 16 million people in just 10 short years. Similarly, the number of sightseeing tour buses have tripled between 2003 and 2014.

This sensible limit will accommodate our city’s vital tourism industry while addressing the concerns of residents.”

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