City DOT project awakens thousands for many nights

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Update September 10, 2015- This is still going on. If you are being awakened at 4:00 AM, please post a comment or email us at I will relay the messages to the head of the DOT.

September 1, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

The Battery Tunnel is being closed every night this week for some construction work, so the entrance is being closed as well. Safety cones have to be placed down then removed for each shift of work.

This is a City DOT supervised project. BatteryPark.TV went down to investigate and found the City DOT supervisor.

The large truck used to place the safety comes, and another smaller pickup truck, all have the outdated loud beeping noise that triggers when they go into reverse. The loud noise has been heard nonstop from midnight until 5:00 AM since Sunday. Quieter safety sounds that are more like “Whoosh whoosh” should be used.

The DOT supervisor said that he would try to have different vehicles used tomorrow.

This latest incident of very loud noise from West Side Highway construction projects is just one of many. The state and city DOT’s seem to think that this region affecting BPC residents is fair game for 24-hour work.

To make complaints, email DOT staff at

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