City EDC finally admits that it is secretly planning to destroy historic Seaport buildings

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SHoP Seaport plansJune 20, 2015- We previously reported how “no one is listening to Catherine McVay Hughes’ CB1 anymore”. Well, the feckless Landmark committee of CB1 led by Paul Hovitz is taking it on the chin again.

Downtown Express reports, “At that point, engineers hired by the city’s Economic Development Corp.  will “take a better look at the rest of the building and see what we have to do because this isn’t the end,” said the official, Rich Cote, senior vice president of asset management. “The piles are continuing to deteriorate. It’s just a matter of time. Mother Nature is gonna take its course.”

Cote, the agency’s construction manager, acknowledged there were plans in April to demolish both vacant buildings.

Crain’s reported in May about April’s demolition plans. City officials staunchly refused to confirm or deny the article’s accuracy until Cote’s remarks Tuesday.

Paul Hovitz, a community board member, said the agency is not being held accountable for its mistakes.

“So it’s been 20 years that the responsibility for those supports have been with the Economic Development Corp., so is it your position that because it would have been a mammoth project, it was better to just let them deteriorate to the point at which we need to rely on a private corporation, Howard Hughes, to come in and pay for what the city should have taken care of in the first place,” Hovitz said.”

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