City Schools now use “harassment” charges to jail and intimidate whistleblowers

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Unknown.jpegApril 13, 2014- The Post reports on a very concerning trend used by the Department of Education bosses in New York City. They are having critics of their schools jailed by reporting “harassment” charges. Those charges are actually just harmless emails or blogs by the whistleblowers.

In the story by the Post, a 24-yo female teacher who was fired from her Brooklyn school, the Academy for Language and Technology HS, was arrested after she sued the school, then sent a blast email to 40 members of the DOE and local politicians asking them to look into the matter.

“Howrilka sent an e-mail asking about her treatment to Urena and Chancellor Carmen Fariña — and to some 40 other city and state education officials and city politicians. She got a call from the NYPD asking her to surrender on Urena’s charge of aggravated harassment. Howrilka spent seven hours in the 84th Precinct house before being moved to Brooklyn’s Central Booking.”.

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