Compensation committee formed by the BPCA

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May 30, 2013- At a recent board meeting of the BPCA, Chairman Dennis Mehiel announced the formation a compensation committee to more thoroughly scrutinize staff salaries. This comes in the wake of BatteryPark.TV reporting on the inexplicable 45% increase in salary for Anne Fenton, and a title promotion to COO, despite her role in covering up the true reasons for the delay in the opening of Asphalt Green.

At the most recent BPCA meeting, no updates on this new committee were mentioned. We will keep you updated.

New York politics has a long history of cronies and political campaign donors receiving cushy state or city jobs. In the NY Post today is a story of one woman, Janele Hyer-Spencer, former State Assembly woman and close ally of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who received yet another state job that has insiders in Albany scratching their heads.

Friend of Sheldon Silver gets mysterious state job gigs

Chief Misinformation Officer of BPCA gets 45% raise during recession

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