Exclusive: Controversial Danny Meyer restaurant at 9/11 Memorial to be more of a pop-up counter

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Danny Meyer in NY PostJuly 8, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Our intrepid reporter, Mary Engels, took a press tour of the 9/11 Memorial today (photos and story soon). We asked her to spy on the Danny Meyer restaurant that was criticized in the press for being tasteless, since it sits upon a graveyard (BP.TV broke the story, and the critics followed).

It seems as if the restaurant will be more of a small pop-up counter rather than a real restaurant. As of today, the site is empty, but it appears as if the food service area will only be a few hundred square feet in dimension, with no visible kitchen. The seating area might accommodate 5 to 10 two-top tables.

NY Post picks up on our story about Danny Meyer’s ill-advised cafe at the 9/11 Memorial

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