Convicted felon Jeff Galloway stages a comeback

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December 17, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

If the mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut can be re-elected after serving seven years in prison for corruption, then disgraced and disbarred local lawyer Jeff Galloway can certainly make a comeback for serving only two-months in the clink for tax evasion. Tonight, at the BPCA Town Hall meeting, Mr. Galloway spoke before the large crowd in 6 River Terrace to say very little of substance other than that he is the Gateway Plaza’s Czar of dogs.

Despite the conviction of Sheldon Silver, who had enabled the various “leaders” of Gateway, such as Glen Plaskin and Jeff Galloway, nothing seems to have changed in the large rental community. Plaskin and others have even openly praised Sheldon Silver after his conviction.

Meanwhile, the convicted felon Galloway seems to be continuing to lead his local community as of nothing happened. Only in the Tri-State area.

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