Could Bobby Kennedy become the surprise replacement of Joe Biden?

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July 6, 2024- by Steven Greer

Wait a second. I just had a thought about Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and how he might be the dark horse replacement on the Democrat ticket.

First, it is obvious and undeniable that there is a mutiny taking place by the Democrat caucus of elected officials. The other so-called Democrats are unelected and represent the WEF, Soros, Bill Gates, etc. There is a war inside the party now.

Despite those real Democrats giving their marching orders to the press to ouster Biden, the people who put Biden in office are digging in. (I have a suspicion that China and a few other deep state western factions just want to keep Joe Biden in office as long as he is alive because they have no plans on allowing a fair election.)

Why wouldn’t the real Democrats want a very popular Bobby Kennedy to be president? He was obviously sabotaged up to now by the deep state. They will not even give him secret service protection. But that fake Democrat cabal will lose control if Biden goes away.

If Joe Biden is kicked out, we might just see the real Democrats wake up and realize that Bobby Kennedy is the best candidate.

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