Courageous man chases down violent criminal who assaulted young woman

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mugger on PATH punched girlMay 23, 2014- The Post reports that a young man chased down a violent criminal after he punched his female companion in the face, breaking her cheek bone. He was apparently “knocking her out” for the fun of it, “Sala chased and grabbed King, then put him in a chokehold and ripped out one of his dreadlocks in the process. “I asked him repeatedly if he thought it was funny and asked him if he was sorry,” said Sala, 21. “He finally apologized, but not right away.” King squirmed out of the chokehold and tried to escape, but was tracked down by Port Authority detectives.”.

The bigger story is how the incompetent Port Authority cops allowed this to happen, and why a civilian had to do the chasing. This seems to have occurred in the new WTC PATH Station.

(Editor’s note: Although we describe this Good Samaritan as courageous, he was also, quite frankly, reckless and took his life into his own hands. This story could have resulted in two people being killed.)

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