Crain’s totally botches ferry boat story

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Crains screen shotMay 18, 2014– A Crain’s “reporter”, Lisa Fickenscher, completely screwed up a story about the ferry boat noise recently, on May 15th. She repeatedly listed the Goldman Sachs ferry boats as “Morgan Stanley” boats. She also mentioned BatteryParkTV, which is not the correct name, and so on.

The article states, “The organizers were encouraged recently when BatteryParkTV, a community news website, reported that a Morgan Stanley executive had signed the petition. But a Morgan Stanley spokesman, David Wells, disputed the claim. “That story is incorrect,” he said. Lower Manhattan residents are less irritated with the Morgan Stanley ferries, which they described as “quieter” than the other boats. Indeed, Morgan Stanley reportedly invested $5 million in the ferries, which are built to “high environmental standards, including a high-efficiency, low-emission engine with sound mufflers,” Mr. Wells said.” (full article, below)

One has to wonder whether this Crain’s reporter really called “Morgan Stanley” at all, and truly got this comment from “Mr. Wells”, or whether she was relying on secondhand hearsay from a local resident. Also, where was the editor? How did these huge mistakes get through the editorial process?

BP.TV knows for a fact how this entire story came to be. A local resident, Dean Flanagan, upset with the noise, called Crain’s. He specifically told the reporter to go to BP.TV to get up to speed with the issue. The reporter did so, but rather than give credit to BP.TV, she made a lame attempt to take a pot shot at us (The incorrect story she references was not incorrect).

Ironically, her own story was full of humiliating errors showing her utter lack of knowledge of Wall Street banks. Maybe karma really does exist.



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