Crooks, sadists, and morons

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SS troop PBSJanuary 25, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I watched a nice PBS show about Hitler’s SS army. The SS was run by Heinrich Himmler, who seems to have been a nerd that suddenly gained power. What most people think of as Hitler’s idea, to have a genetically pure race, was actually Himmler’s idea. Ironically, he was too short and would not have met the criteria for becoming one of his own SS troops.

Did you ever wonder why the Nazis were striving to have a race that did not resemble their own? Why were blonds with blue eyes so desirable for them when their Germanic race does not look like that?

Well, Himmler had this bizarre obsession with Western European and Scandinavian culture. He devised a bogus mythology for his SS elite that was fabricated from bits and pieces of King Arthur legend. He had his SS train to do English horse riding and cricket, etc. Many of the phrases in the SS propaganda were derived from Scandinavian lore.

The Nazis had penis envy for the people to their North and West. Himmler wanted his SS to be athletic, but old footage shows that they were clearly bad athletes. They were slow skinny white guys who could only do one thing well: be sadists and kill civilians.

A recurring theme in Nazi history is that they were a bunch of dumbasses who rose to power during the crisis of the global depression in the 1930’s. They took advantage of the angry and unemployed.

Does that sound familiar? Look around right now at who is leading everything from large states to ISIS. Crooks, sadists, and morons have filled the vacuum created by the 2008 global depression and have risen to power.

I am going to write a book called, “Crooks, sadists, and morons”.

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