Bernie Madoff’s defense lawyer now runs New York State’s ethics agency

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Hyman Horwitz MadoffJuly 15, 2014- Shari Hyman is the controversial new President of the BPCA appointed to replace her numerous predecessors who were run out of town. She is married to lawyer Daniel J. Horwitz, who runs the states ethics agency, JCOPE.

JCOPE was, or still is, investigating the BPCA for payments made to a Tribeca non-profit named Manhattan Youth. In addition, numerous other state-level investigations are underway relating to scandals withing the BPCA. Therefore, a rather large conflict of interest seems to have been created by hiring the wife of the man running JCOPE, Mr. Horwitz.

A whistleblower tipped us off today that Ms. Hyman’s husband, Daniel J. Horwitz, was also the defense lawyer for the hated Bernie Madoff. Yes. You read that correctly. The man in charge of ethics oversight for the State of New York defended the biggest crook in the history of New York.

This raises other questions about the hiring of Shari Hyman. How well was Ms. Hyman vetted? Were more qualified candidates overlooked?

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