Danny Meyer restaurants are snubbed by James Beard Awards

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Danny Meyer NYSE ringing bell SHAK IPOMarch 24, 2015- With the exception of Gramercy Tavern’s chef Michael Anthony, the Union Square Hospitality Group owned by Danny Meyer was not listed as a finalist in any of the dozens of categories in the James Beard Awards.

Why do we mention this? It seems mean to rub it in, but it validates BP.TV’s criticism of the Danny Meyer system as having fallen from grace ever since Mr. Meyer sold 40% of his company and took Shake Shack public.

It is great that Mr. Meyer made hundreds of millions of dollars. We are not jealous.

However, the mainstream print press still publishes infomercial puff-piece stories praising Danny Meyer as the guru of hospitality. It’s all bunk. Most of his restaurants are terrible now, in our opinion, relative to the hype.

There was some positive news from the James Beard finalist news. Bâtard was one of the seven finalists in the country for Best New Restaurant. Stephen Starr is one of the five finalists for Outstanding Restaurateur. Also, the Parm duo of Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi also made the finals for best chef in New York.

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