Danny Meyer made $400 Million today on Shake Shack (SHAK) IPO

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Shake Shack crinkle fires returnUpdated January 30, 2015- Told you so. I wrote yesterday for the public record that Shake Shack (SHAK) shares were undervalued at $21 and would go to $40 today. Shares are trading now at $50, or 133% above the IPO price.

How did I know? I invented the most reliable form of stock valuation, and am still the best stock picker in the business.

Danny Meyer made at least $400 Million today, personally, on this IPO at these prices. The entire IPO made much more for shareholders. By the way, if you buy some stock, you can demand faster service, perhaps (dream on).

January 28, 2015- CNBC posted, “Danny Meyer, the man who made a fortune from his richly comforting oxtail risottos and chestnut-bread puddings, may make an even bigger fortune from burgers and fries. According to regulatory filings, Meyer owns 7,440,822 shares of Class B stock of Shake Shack, the burger chain he founded in 2004 that’s spreading like wildfire and is expected to go public this week. The filing states that the IPO would value Shake Shack at around $674.5 million, at a share price of $17 to $19 a share.

At those valuations, Meyer’s shares—which represent 21 percent of the company—would be worth $127 million to $141 million. And the stock is likely to pop much higher once it opens. Shake Shack declined to comment on the IPO or Meyer’s wealth. Meyer’s potential windfall, setting aside his existing wealth, instantly makes him one of the richest restaurateurs in the country.”

Tip: the El Vez burger is much better than Shake Shack and being sold at a discount now to get attention.

What is the valuation of Shake Shack (SHAK)?

The Shake Shack IPO is as slippery as French fry grease

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