Details separate Blue Smoke from the rest of the pack

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February 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Have you ever had a Southern-style biscuit made in a restaurant that was not so dry that it did not require butter and jam to prevent sticking to the roof of your mouth? How often is the butter served in restaurants too cold and hard to be spreadable? Are you afraid to look too closely at your water glass?

All of those issues are the fine details that separate fine dining at a Michelin-star restaurant from a lesser establishment. At Blue Smoke in Battery Park, the parent company, Union Square Hospitality Group, makes sure that the same details found at their Gramercy Tavern are also practiced at the barbecue joints.

The fried chicken entree at Blue Smoke comes with a biscuit and side dish, but not an accompaniment of butter and honey. However, if you ask, both of those will be promptly delivered. The butter is a slim slab at the right temperature so as to be spreadable. The biscuit is moist too. The water glass is the perfect shape and size, at 20-ounces, and clean!

The entree itself, the fried chicken, is worth the wait. It takes 20-minutes to prepare. Somehow, they prepare it so that the breast meat is super juicy and moist. That is the hardest trick to master with fried chicken.

The Blue Smoke restaurants are overseen by Executive Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois, and Director of Operations Kari Matthews.

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