Did Paralawyer Steven Greer Cause the California Supreme Court Warn of a Constitutional Crisis?

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June 6, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

A few months ago, related to my California case against Tucker Carlson, I alerted the California Supreme Court of some judicial misconduct that occurred during an unrecorded hearing. I was attending a status-update hearing via remote video when the judge trampled on my rights. I asked if the hearing was being recorded, suspecting it was not. The judge verified that it was not being recorded. I then stated that I was recording it and the judge left the courtroom. Clearly, the notion of actually recording a California hearing scares the judicial system. Because not even an electronic recording was made, the judge was able to tell the Supreme Court judicial misconduct committee (staffed by the Supreme Court judges) a version of events that was inaccurate.

Well, I then read about the same California Supreme Court issuing this warning of a “constitutional crisis” brewing because a growing number of court matters are going unrecorded, making them impossible to appeal.

The LA Times reported, “However, what court officials and many legal advocates are pushing for the most is for electronic recording to be allowed in all civil proceedings — as it is already in other state proceedings, in other states’ courts and in some federal courts.

Court officials argue that electronic recording devices should be allowed as a backup whenever a reporter is not available, and that the law barring them is based partly on outdated notions of what recording devices are capable of capturing.

Last year, Sen. Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) introduced a bill in Sacramento that would have allowed electronic recording — but it stalled amid fierce opposition from court reporters and their union lobbyists. The critics warned the bill would give courts a green light to abandon reporter recruitment efforts and go all-in on electronic recordings, regardless of promises to the contrary.”

Because of the timing of this court warning leading to the LA Times article being after my report to the Supreme Court, my matter involved electronic recordings, and the high-profile nature of my lawsuit, I am claiming this to be an action caused by little ole me. Greer the Great keeps fighting for judicial reform.

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