Did the #MeToo movement create an epidemic of Karens?

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March 13, 2023- by Steven E Greer

I have previously written about the phenomenon of the Karen and how it is the most dangerous demographic to our society. The Karen is a significant size of the population and they vote. They can be told what to do. They were wholeheartedly behind vaccines, masks, etc. They are gullible and fall for communism.

I have been noticing something on Instagram. Comedians are being heckled badly by Karens in the audience. If you give them a little bit of alcohol, they become rude, arrogant, loudmouth, and abusive people. This is new to me. I have not seen this type of behavior before.

When I first moved to Florida in January, I was assaulted by a Karen. I had just contracted COVID and did want to socialize. Out of sheer nosiness, a middle-aged blonde Karen with a glass of wine in her hand came to my front door. I told her I could not talk, but she was aggressive and wanted to come into the house. It was really crazy.

I have a theory to explain where this Karen epidemic arose. We have to go back to the 2017 #MeToo movement. The Karens got a taste of power when they realized they could just make an accusation to the police or human resources and get a powerful man destroyed. The fall of Harvey Weinstein gave them a taste for blood.

The typical Karen has been been brainwashed by liberal arts colleges and human resource departments into think that being aggressive and loudmouthed is a positive attribute. #GirlPower. It has turned them into these sociopaths where they will sabotage comedy skits or harass neighbors.

Of course, this is not a grassroots phenomenon. It is yet another way for the communists to divide us. Like the race wars they are stoking, they want young girls to hate the opposite sex and embrace witchcraft, transgenderism, and so on. It is part of the 5G PsyOp warfare underway.


Update March 21, 2023-

  • 56% of liberal white women aged 18-29 have been diagnosed with a mental health condition.
  • State-sponsored media no promoting witchcraft to young girls. The communists are doing a full assault on traditional gender norms. The want females to hate males.


Update August 16, 2023-

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