DNAinfo plagiarizes our story

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December 31, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

On December 23rd, we posted the story “What’s in store for Downtown in 2016“. Today, DNAinfo posted a story “Five Downtown Stories to Watch in 2016“.

DNAinfo journalist Irene Plagianos plagiarized BatteryPark.TV. The entire concept of looking ahead at the key stories to unfold in 2016 was our idea. In addition, the stories that she selected were straight from our post.

Our story looked at the 2016 developments with the Seaport, World Trade Center, Who will replace Sheldon Silver, and the growing anger with the BPCA. Those were also the exact same four stories selected by DNAinfo.

Folks, if you want real journalism that will tell you things about Downtown no other source will, you have to watch BatteryPark.TV. Often copied, never surpassed, we inform.

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