DowntownExpress posts obvious infomercial for Gristedes as a real story

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Gristedes moldy bread bunsSeptember 22, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I have seen a lot of crappy super-biased reporting in the Downtown advertising fliers, but this one takes the cake. DowntownExpress posted an obvious infomercial for the struggling Gristedes at West Thames. However, they failed to make any disclaimers, such as that the story was given to them by a PR firm or that they were approached by the store. They list no references or reason for why they ran the story out of the blue.

The infomercial goes, “Russian beer. Korean specialty foods. Organic and gluten-free choices. The Gristedes at 71 South End Ave. in Battery Park City expanded its selections and renovated its space last year and now reports an uptick in business.

Bob Capano, the manager and spokesperson for the grocery store chain, said last year’s renovations completed late last year included new ceilings, a larger deli department and moved the deli counter to provide more space.

It also has a brand new separate cold beer room, Capano said in a phone interview, “that allowed us to greatly expand our beer selection in the store.”

The grocery store is now carrying imported beers, such as German beer and the Russian beer Nevskoye, he said.

“We can’t keep it on the shelves,” he said. “It’s really selling well.””

Yes. This is the same store where moldy produce is often found. This is the same store that has old bananas getting too ripe, and has prices higher than Whole Foods.

By the way, this “renovated” store has the same old linoleum floors and refrigerators. They just rearranged some things in direct response to BatteryPark.TV reporting.

DowntownExpress is allowed to clutter our sidewalks with their ugly printed paper news-racks because they claim to be “journalism”. It is time to call this spade a spade and categorize it as pure advertising, then remove these news-racks from our streets.

The Editor for DowntownExpress, Josh Rogers, not not immediately reply to our emails.

Moldy Gristedes broccoli 9-22-2014 low Gristedes freezers removed

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