The BPCA is mishandling the Teardrop Park ducklings again

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Mature ducklings 8-17-2014May 10, 2021- This is an email I sent to BPCA President BJ Jones:

“BJ Jones, I see the press that the ducklings are getting, but you are doing it all wrong. As you know, I started this whole “save the ducklings” thing a decade ago. You all are correct in that they will not live in that pond without food. They will also drown if there is not an island made. However, the community activists are also correct in stating that the ducklings will go into the Hudson and die if you let them roam out on the ramp.

The solution is to build an island for a nest throw them duck food. Then, they fly away. This has been done before.

August 17, 2014- This year’s batch of ducklings survived, thanks to community feedings. Their wings are now mature and they are flying. Good job BPC. These birds would have starved to death if it weren’t for the volunteers who fed them.

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