Port Authority creates ultracreepy vibe for One World Trade Center

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One World Trade Center A 11-8-2014April 6, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I have been throughout the Silverstein-managed World Trade Center Towers several times and I have never encountered any onerous rude security staff. This is something that I took for granted, until today.

I had seen some news articles on the large murals by Jose Parla in the lobby of the Durst-managed One World Trade Center (The Port Authority owns this building and is responsible for the security). I walked over to take some photos, went through the exteriors doors, and began to walk toward the security desk. I was greeted by a security guard 30-feet away who seemed outraged that I was entering the building, as if I had breached a security checkpoint or something. All I did was walk through revolving doors that seem to be open to anyone like any other building.

It turns out that employees working in offices of One World need to have an ID badge on them or else they will be treated like a security threat long before they even get to the security styles. This is in stark contrast to the other WTC towers.

I asked some people at Silverstein properties about this creepy Berlin-Wall-like setting that The Port Authority has created. They explained that their more stealth security in the lobby of Tower 4 is by careful design in order to avoid what is taking place in WTC 1.

So, I was unable to see the fancy murals that are hidden away from the public behind bunker walls. The fact that no one even knows they exist, other than employees, is likely why a PR campaign was launched about a month ago, but why publicize art that is not viewable by the public?

The governors of both New Jersey and New York who control the Port Authority have called for the agency to divest its interest in One World Trade Center. The embarrassing security lapses that allowed parachute jumpers to get to the top, and another lone teenager to scale to the top, have highlighted the friction between the NYPD and Port Authority police. However, there have been no reports from the Port Authority that they are planning to sell One World Trade Center.

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