Durst wants more ferry boats

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Durst on ferryAugust 5, 2014- A real estate news aggregating blog reports that developer Durst, the same man who failed to gain control of Pier 40 then resigned from the board of Friends if HRPT, who wanted to tax Tribecans with a NID-zone tax and failed, and the same man who is failing at the Freedom Tower (One WFC), is now a super-PAC-like advocate of the ferry boats on the Hudson River and wants more of them. This could explain the mysterious secret support that the ferry boats have enjoyed for years as they are nothing but a nuisance to local BPC residents.

In the article, “Both the Dursts are calling for a new supervisory agency, potentially within the Metropolitan Transit Authority, to streamline the process of building terminals and other dock facilities while better connecting ferry boats into a network of routes.”

NY Waterway is the root of the ferry boat horn noise

Awesome. Even more ferry boats to now dock at Vesey Street slip and honk their horns

The Korean ferry boat disaster could happen right here on the Hudson

Human error caused Seaport ferry boat crash

NY ferry boats not safe to ride, claim the captains

Exclusive: Big guns come to the aid of the ferry boat noise nuisance

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  1. Joe Hartigan says:

    I have read your articles on ferry boat noise and the Seastreak ferries that go to Rockaway and New Jersey are very Quite.

    718-634-1268. You should take a ride

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