Eclipse: the largest yacht in the world

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Update February 16, 2013

The NY Post covered our story after we alerted them on the 13th, and national CBS ran with it as well. We also alerted the producers at CBS.


February 13, 2013 By Steven E. Greer, MD

If the yacht anchored out by the Statue of Liberty looks a little big, two miles away, that is because it is the largest yacht in the world called The Eclipse. At 533 feet long, with its own submarine, costing $475 Million, it was put into service in 2010, and owned by a Russian billionaire.

Michael Fortenbaugh, the Commodore of the North Cove Marina, said, “We tried to win this yacht for North Cove so everyone could see her up close but she doesn’t fit in the entrance. They have to anchor out there and they probably send a smaller boat (maybe still huge) in to pick people up.”


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