Ed Koch: Who will be the leading contenders for the NYC Mayoral race?

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Update July 13, 2013- Two years ago, Anthony Weiner was in the news for recently being ousted from US Congress for posting online photos of his crotch to young women. We started our interview with Mr. Koch stating that “Anthony Weiner is no longer a viable candidate for mayor…”.

Boy, were we premature in announcing the death of Weiner. He is now back in the race and a viable candidate.

July 7, 2011- We interviewed former Mayor Ed Koch about the likely candidates for the 2013 New York City Mayoral race now that Anthony Weiner is no longer a viable candidate. NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is his favorite candidate.


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3 Responses to Ed Koch: Who will be the leading contenders for the NYC Mayoral race?

  1. Adam says:

    So, having William Thompson at the bpca certifies that the bpca has zero intention in the quality of life and expenses for residents.
    Looking forward to thompsons mayor run…and lack of attention to bpca.
    Maybe the bpca sets up a fund to contribute some of the paid pilot expenses to Thompson ? They had $125 m extra, you would of hoped for a decrease, not an increase on land lease expenses! City time …hmmm.

  2. Will says:

    You better hope Bill Thompson doesn’t win. Gayle Horwitz as a deputy Mayor? Hahahahaha.

  3. admin says:

    Reply to Will



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