Elon Musk could be correct about there being an impending attack greater than 9/11

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March 8, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

On Thursday, Joe Biden stumbled badly through his State of the Union address last night. It was clear that his Fourth Reich handlers ordered up the Angry-Hitler mode. He screamed and pounded the table, calling most of America “domestic terrorists” and recycled the now-debunked “January 6th Insurrection” hoax.

On Super Tuesday of this week, images that came to me in a dream three days prior became reality. I wrote an essay that I predicted the Fourth Reich and CCP will unleash a cyber-attack before the Fall election. Well, on super Tuesday there was a small-scale attack of that very nature. Facebook, Instagram, and others were shut down (but not Elon Musk’s X.com).

On Wednesday, I saw a video of illegal aliens at the border who were adult male Chinese. They looked like they were straight from the CCP army. That is when I had another premonition in a dream.

Elon Musk recently tweeted that he thinks all of these illegal aliens pouring in, males of fighting age, will attack the nation in a way far greater than September 11th, 2001. I think he is right.

This army being formed on U.S. soil is straight from Peter Jackson’s first Lord of the Rings where Saruman mustered an army of orcs. Venezuela, Haiti, Colombia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other hostile nations are sending their worst criminals up through the Panamanian Darién Gap, which is funded by the U.N. via American money, with full authority of the Department of Homeland Security and military. The Mexican drug cartels are carrying out the transportation.

This is a surrogate army of the Chinese and Fourth Reich. If an attack occurs, they will have plausible deniability and claim it was some organic terrorist attack stoked by months of anti-Israel-pro-Hamas protests.

I believe this is what the shadowy powers controlling Biden plan to do before the election. It would create panic and fear enough to justify the White House enacting war powers, martial law, cancelling the election, and suspending the U.S. Constitution. It is straight out of Hitler’s Third Reich and the Reichstag fire.

This is their only hope. The Fourth Reich and China are losing badly on all fronts. They crossed the Rubicon and know that they will be prosecuted if they lose in November.

We have seen numerous small-scale dry runs. They got away with East Palestine, Ohio, Maui, Hawaii, numerous other soft target attacks, de-banking of the opposition, countless cyber-attacks, and hundreds of FBI raids on American citizens who were simply not part of the Party. The justice system has been corrupted from the DOJ offices in Washington down to civil court judges.

This is why Van Jones and Charles Barkley, both stooges and of this shadowy Blob, are now making comments preparing their soldiers on the ground to get violent. Charles Barkley wants black Trump supporters to be punched. Van Jones wants Antifa to identify Democrats and become violent.

CBS reporter Catherine Herridge predicted that there would be a Black Swan event. Then, the Blob got her fired and a judge to hold her in contempt for not revealing her sources.

Such an attack by an unofficial army would likely go after soft targets, such as power stations, railways, etc. It would also require manipulation of the Internet and cell phones, which we just saw happen on Super Tuesday and many other occasions.

There is no doubt in my mind that certain extreme members of this Blob fear for their lives if Trump takes over. They see the French revolution guillotine coming for them. They have nothing to lose and feel insulated and protected in their mansions with bunkers.

The question is whether or not they have enough power to pull it off. Every week, they suffer dramatic losses. We recently  saw Victoria Nuland and John Kerry resign. Kyrsten Sinema is quitting Congress. Can the secret oligarchs pull it off if they lose the perception of having power?

Every governor should prepare for the worst.

Every illegal alien should be arrested and thrown into prisons if they have any sort of violent record. The FBI has already issued warnings, so the governors have a justification for doing this. There needs to be massive tent-city prisons set up to accommodate the millions of them. The Supreme Court cannot not stop states from arresting people for crimes.

Buckle up. Things are going to get surreal, real fast.


March 9, 2024-

In this Book “Free Your Mind“, Chapter 11 talks about psy-ops from the government, or Big Brother. Our current Internet propaganda and censorship started after September 11, 2001. Obama then ran with it and put the program on steroids.

In 2008, Obama promoted this author, Cass Sunstein, who wrote “Nudge” in 2008, which laid out the plan to use psy-ops to coerce, mislead, and nudge people into group think. The UK started a branch called the Nudge Unit.

The video above is discussed in this chapter. It is a recruiting video by the US military (The 4th Psychological Operations Group of the Air Force). They openly admit to these operations of spreading lies to topple governments, but the video shows US civilians as the targets too. 

When you see these fake “white supremacist” stooges who are obviously organized by the Feds, or the J6 hoax, this is where it is coming from. They justify it because of the boogieman of communism. However, the CCP is controlling the White House and using these military psy-ops against Americans.

March 11, 2024-

  • FBI DIRECTOR WRAY: “From an FBI perspective, we are seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats that emanate from the border… There is a particular network — where some of the overseas facilitators of the smuggling network have ISIS ties that we’re very concerned about”

March 18, 2024-

  • Undocumented Immigrants Have Right to Own Guns, Judge Rules (This is clearly a compromised judge setting place for this shadow army to be armed).

March 19, 2024-

  • Jesse Watters- The Deep State is preparing for war
  • Within the last 48 hours, both Ron Paul and General Flynn have warned of a coming “Black Swan event”.

March 24, 2024-

  • Sen. Tom Cotton: “I’m Deeply Worried That ISIS From Afghanistan Will End Up Targeting Americans Sooner Rather Than Later”

April 6, 2024-

Trump tells Don Hewitt that China is ‘Building an Army From Within’ Inside the United States “They’re probably building an army from within. I mean, you look at what’s happening. They’re very healthy young men for the most part and it’s up to over 30,000 now, that’s a lot of people. It’s up to over 30,000…I mean these are young, healthy people and they are building an army.”

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