Error in the Broadsheet: There are not two residents in BPC who serve on the BPCA board

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April 12 2012  By Steven Greer

The April 11th BroadsheetDaily had a crucial error in the article about Senator Squadron’s appearance at the CB1 meeting to discuss restructuring the BPCA. The Broadsheet wrote, “Under the scheme that has governed the community for more than a decade, appointees to the board of the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. The seven-member board currently includes two residents of Battery Park City.”

As previously reported by BatteryPark.TV, BPCA board member Robert Muller has sold his apartment at 200 Rector Place and no longer lives in BPC. Moreover, prior to that, he lived in his Park Avenue apartment near 56th Street, and was only a token resident of BPC as property owner only.

BatteryPark.TV informed the Broadsheet publisher of this error. Our letter was not published.

The Broadsheet article also emphasized that restructuring the BPCA would be “likely to fail” in a vote. BP.TV ran into Senator Squadron after the CB1 meeting and asked him whether his proposal had any political viability. He said that the appearance of Mayor Bloomberg’s staff member (see video below) was a very positive sign, indicating that the city would be in favor of his plans.

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