Every single home-quarantine order by governors is illegal

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Update April 16, 2020- The Michigan governor was sued this week three times in federal court in complaints that she violated the constitution.

April 16, 2020- by pro se litigator Steven Greer

The Tucker Carlson show interviewed the New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, and the governor seemed to be a buffoon. When asked what law he based his orders upon, the orders that flagrantly violate the First Amendment, he said, “That is above my pay grade. I did not even consider it.”

Why would a Blue Sate Democrat go on Fox News and be so ill-prepared?

Wait a second. I know why.

Governor Murphy is working on his plausible deniability argument. He will say from here on, “I was dealing with a pandemic. I did not intentionally violate the law”

This is related to my own First Amendment litigation. The reason Murphy is doing this is that his only legal defense will be that he was not acting under official policy, that he was winging it out of stupidity, that the NJ legislature did not approve it, and that it was not official policy.

Murphy set his state up for billions in liable damages. He is weaseling out of it now. He also set himself up PERSONALLY for lawsuits by his actions and his lawyers have told him this.

Of course, Tucker Carlson and his moron producers were played like a fiddle.

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