Everything you wanted to know about raccoon cubs

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August 28, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Fascinating. The normally reliable raccoon has been absent for a week or so. I thought it got bored or killed.

It turns out that it is a female, and she had a cub. The cub is old enough now to walk around with the mother foraging. (Raccoons are close cousins to panda bears, dogs, skunk, and walrus)

Gestation takes 65-days. Then, another six to nine-weeks is required before the cubs can leave the den. This means that this cub was conceived probably in early May, which is when I moved here.


That explains why I initially captured on video two raccoons. One was larger, so it was the male. Male raccoons are deadbeat dads and have nothing to do with raising the young. Thus, I have never seen him again.

If this cub is a female, it will stay close to home. If it is a male, it will travel up to 20-miles away.

Meanwhile, the nocturnal flying squirrel is missing and has been replaced by a normal day squirrel.

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