Exclusive: BPCA executives get a hefty raise

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cropped-People-who-left-BPCA-thompson-anne-fenton-demitri-boutris-matt-monahan-gayle-horwitz-mateoJune 29, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has previously reported how the BPCA executives are paid well more than $100,000, despite having low levels of education and being woefully unqualified for their jobs, in many cases. We have now learned that they all gave themselves a hefty raise, and none of it was discussed during the public meetings.

A source close to the BPCA told BP.TV that the raises cam within days of the firing of former BPCA employee Kirk Swanson. He became a whistleblower and filed a complaint with the state. Our source believes the raises were meant to appease angst brewing in the ranks.

When the exact numbers on the raises are known, we will report them.

Meanwhile, as BP.TV recently reported, the money budgeted for essential upkeep of the facilities in Battery Park City is not being spent. Crucial parks and services remain out of order.

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