Exclusive: BPCA is a hostile work environment for black females

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cropped-People-who-left-BPCA-thompson-anne-fenton-demitri-boutris-matt-monahan-gayle-horwitz-mateoDecember 18, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has exclusively learned that yet another black female has found the working environment of the BPCA to be so hostile that she has resigned. Angela Howard, the “Senior Project Manager” reporting to Gwen Dawson, making $126,000 a year, has resigned, according to sources close to the BPCA. She reportedly found the pressures from the “legal department” to be harassing.

Recall, at least two other high-level black female executives have either been fired or pushed out by the same BPCA legal staff, this year alone (The President of the BPCA, Shari Hyman, is a lawyer). The two in-house lawyers investigating the Robert Serpico sexual harassment charges, Nancy Harvey and Allyson Ford, were either fired or forced into “retirement”. The civil lawsuit process has begun, sources have told BP.TV.

A female paralegal named is Elizabeth (Elsa) Papanicolaou had initiated sexual harassment complaints against Mr. Serpico this year. After her complaints, she was reportedly isolated from the rest of the staff and given little work to do. Our sourced stated, “They made her life hell.”. Brenda McIintyre, the head of HR at the BPCA, was singled out as the worst offender. Ms. Papanicolaou subsequently “quit” her job, according to a source close to the BPCA.

Elsa PapanicolaouIn addition to the women forced out this year, Phyllis Taylor, the former General Counsel of the BPCA, also African American, was forced to retired last year. Ms. Taylor was hired by former Chairman Bill Thompson and was involved with his 2009 Mayoral Campaign.

Women are not the only group being affected. In addition to the African American female problem that the BPC has, black males have also filed discrimination complaints.

Former President Demetri Boutris was accused of using the “N-word” to parks staff, and he was forced out of his job in order to make the scandal go away. Mr. Boutris claimed at the time that his abrupt departure was to accept a more lucrative job in California. However, BP.TV investigated and learned that he never left New York.

The most recent casualty, Angela Howard, was a key BPCA employee working with the Pier-A project. BP.TV has reported that the New York State Parks Department gave the city and BPCA millions of dollars to help in the renovation process, with stipulations. One of them was to construct a 6,500 square-foot “visitor center” for the public on the second floor. That construction took place after Hurricane Sandy of 2012, and seems to have completely ignored the State’s requirements, therefore misappropriating state funds.

Although the proper handling of large state grant money is the responsibility of the BPCA CEO, Dennis Mehiel, and the CFO, Robert Serpico, the blame often rolls down hill. It is quite likely that Gwen Dawson and her staff are getting the fingers of blame pointed at them now, given the official state investigation that has ensued.

BP.TV has also reported that the entire BPCA is in chaos, with the Chairman, Mr. Mehiel, being a no-show for board meetings, no one answering the phones, and key staff jumping ship. This departure of Angela Howard is another sign that people inside the BPCA see it as a sinking ship.

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  1. Fly on the Wall says:

    It should also be noted that former General Counsel of the BPCA, Phyllis Taylor, was forced to resign last December. Ms. Taylor is also African American. Taylor was forced to resign because she helped oust Demitri, who as you have pointed out, said many racist things to the staff.

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