Exclusive: BPCA spokesperson Leticia Remauro and 18 others ousted

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November 10, 2011

By Steven Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV has learned that the media relations spokesperson for the BPCA, Leticia Remauro, has been ousted. There is no replacement yet, and the BPCA is working on a statement.

Leticia Remauro

Sources close to BPCA told BatteryPark.TV that Leticia Remauro’s departure was part of a mass firing of 18 other BPCA employees. Our source believes that BPCA Chairman, Bill Thompson, former comptroller for New York City, is grooming his reputation before he runs for Mayor in 2013. Under his watch as comptroller, the CityTime fraud scandal occurred, and showing the ability to make budget cuts at the BPCA will help improve any image of Bill Thompson as a trustworthy steward of city finances.

BPCA Chairman Bill Thompson

Our source also believes that the new administration in Albany wants to have more of “their people” employed at the BPCA. Our source explained, “I understand that people who get jobs by politics lose jobs by politics, but many of these people fired got their jobs unrelated to politics and (will now be destitute.) I think that they did not get along with Gayle Horwitz (the CEO of BPCA). She is a bit psycho.” Horwitz was Thomspon’s second in command when he was comptroller.

Our source gave three examples of lower level BPCA employees fired without notice yesterday. Two of them, Danielle Fyffe and Michelle Burgos, are single mothers. Another one, Tracy Turner, was homeless before being hired by the BPCA.

Our source believes that newly-hired Anne Fenton, former public relations director for Bill Thompson when he ran for mayor, will replace Leticia Remauro.

Ms. Remauro had been responsible for initiating a hostile campaign against BatteryPark.TV, refusing to answer phone calls or emails, spreading derogatory rumors, etc, all in response to our critical reporting of the Parks Conservancy and other topics. BatteryPark.TV has also attempted to report on many positive stories related to the BPCA, and those requests were ignored by Ms. Remauro.

BPCA CEO Gayle Horwitz


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2 Responses to Exclusive: BPCA spokesperson Leticia Remauro and 18 others ousted

  1. Steven says:

    WE told Everyone too. GREAT WORK AT BPTV.
    This whole Authority is a FRAUD.
    Especially with increasing the cost for 2012 to all owners with the land lease.
    When you have ZERO local residents that are invested into the area, PEOPLE CARE. THe authority is a paid $100,000 to $210,000 positions. ZERO intention in assisting the community.


  2. David Turner says:

    Let me get this straight…this firing may be a way to groom Thompson’s reputation so that he can run for mayor in 2013? If it is, it makes absolutely no sense! He just fired 19 employees without any fair warning some of whom are single parents etc. These people will now have to turn to the state for emergency medicaid, food stamps, welfare etc. Not only will this cost the state money but as a tax payer it now will cost ME money! Good job Thompson. Now we know why you were so horrible at being comptroller. Another terrible mistake made by you.

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