Exclusive: BPCA to remove remaining trees on esplanade

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Roots north River House

Update July 22, 2013- As we first reported exclusively, the BPCA is planning to chop down more trees on the esplanade that are still standing and that were not obviously damaged by the storms. Of course, anytime a tree is cut, controversy brews, so the BPCA propaganda team is in full mode, citing “tree experts” that claim the “roots were damaged’ making the trees “unsafe”. Also, the conspicuous stumps have been left in tilted position as a blatant PR stunt to send the message “See what happened.”

Do not be surprised to learn that the job to remove the trees will be outsourced to contractors, even though the BPCA has historically handled such matters with the in-house Parks Conservancy teams.


June 19, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has learned that many, if not all, of the remaining large linden trees along the esplanade will be removed since they pose a risk of falling down in future storms. The roots of the trees were never allowed to properly grow and provide support due to the restrictive concrete barriers.

Recall, during Hurricane Sandy, and then again during a recent storm this year, several large trees have fallen and damaged structures. The parks conservancy began trimming aggressively last week, but we have learned that most of the trees will just be cut down. Whether new trees with different root basins will be replaced is unknown.

If you know more about this story, or see trees being trimmed, please send us comments and photos.

Trees pruned

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5 Responses to Exclusive: BPCA to remove remaining trees on esplanade

  1. Brosen says:

    The trees inside the iron fences closer to the buildings facades along the esplanade pose a danger to the apartment windows. During windy days the heavy branches swing wildly. Before they do damage they should be considerably cut back.

  2. fran says:

    Years ago I asked the conserva tory if the trees could be topped off lije they did to the trers in front of the wfc..I was told no…now we lose the trees..snd hopefully
    N no one gets hurt..
    Not thought out…

  3. Michelle Ashkin says:

    This is a poorly thought out, misinformed, and absolutely unacceptable decision. I, for one, plan on fighting this, and have every intention of not allowing this to continue. When a few trees topple in Central Park, or on a city street, do they cut the rest down? Of course not. This is a ridiculous plan and it needs to be nipped in the bud, no pun intended.

  4. Editor says:

    You should call and write Dennis Mehiel of the BPCA that his VP of Operations is not getting the job done

  5. Sophie says:

    The fallen trees are a constant reminder of the storm’s devastation. The damaged trees should be cut up and removed. It’s depressing to see them every day. If the remaining trees are in fact damaged and in danger of falling why doesn’t BPCA publish the facts, tell the community what needs to be done and get on with it!! The mystery of all that’s happening to our trees and parks is very unnerving. The plantings look terrible, the shrubs are limp the trees along South end Avenue are also damaged and the leaves are brown and falling to the ground. Battery Park City certainly is not what it used to be. BPCA used to communicate with the community and we all worked together. Now, everything is a big mystery. Staff members who were good for the community were forced out of their positions and now it seems no one is responsible for anything. Phone calls are not returned ….

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