Exclusive: Brookfield likely to take over North Cove Marina

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October 8, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has learned from sources close to the BPCA that Brookfield Properties is high on the list of RFP applicants to take over the North Cove Marine in January. The BPCA wants to “Take the marina to the next level” in terms of marketing and events. Mike Fortenbaugh, the current operator, has not been thought of as the CEO-caliber man who can achieve these goals for the BPCA.

The CB1 met last night to hear Mr. Fortenbaugh present his case as to why he would like to win the contract for the next ten years as marina operator. As we previously reported, CB1 Chair Anthony Notaro would not allow any vote on a resolution in support of Mr. Fortenbaugh. Notaro’s CB1 usually carries the water for the BPCA on important matters.

The RFP for the marina is due by the end of this month. The new operator will be chosen this year and be in charge by January.

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  1. Mindy Kaufman says:

    I love the way Nataro is busy on his phone instead of paying attention to the meeting.

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