The Blue Smoke fried chicken sandwich

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Blue Smoke fried chicken sandwichUpdate June 8, 2013- The Blue Smoke fried chicken sandwich is now perfected. Also, the management and staff have changed quite a bit. We can recommend this establishment.

March 25, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

We got an exclusive look at the new Blue Smoke fried chicken sandwich, and we give it an “A“. The “A+” will come when they finalize the special sauce or topping that will give it a signature flavor. The sandwich is still a “special”, and not on the regular menu.

First and foremost, the in-house-made bun is perfect, and supports the sandwich without becoming soggy. The chicken patty is made of large chucks of thigh meat, to give a moistness that white meat cannot. Pickled green tomatoes and shredded lettuce top it off.

For sides, one can choose from the entire menu if selections. We chose the newly added braised collard greens with squares of bacon.

(There is a rumor it will be called the Dr. Steve sandwich)


Blue Smoke kicks it up a notch

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