Exclusive first look inside the new Equinox in Brookfield Place

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Equinox machinesFebruary 10, 2015– By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV was given an exclusive tour of the new Equinox in Brookfield Place before it opens next week. It is a far more impressive fitness complex than we had imagined and twice as big as we thought. It not only occupies the floor above Hudson Eats on the West side, but also the rest of the entire floor.

Equinox steamEquinox showerEquinox sinkThere is a child care center to allow parents to have essentially some free time away from the kids as they spin or practice yoga.

DSC00664Equinox yogaEquinox spin roomThe weights section is gargantuan. Next to it is a boxing room.

Equinox boxing Equinox free weights 2 Equinox free weightsThe showers and spa have a VIP section, much like an airport lounge.

Equinox VIP lockerThe distinguishing feature of Equinox is that the instructor-led classes are part of the $165 per month fee. With places like Soul Cycle charging $30 per class, the Equinox fee seems justified.

The General Manager is Will Diaz at (646) 630-7573

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