Exclusive: Former BPCA chief legal counsel Seema Singh placed in MTA job

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April 14, 2017- BP.TV previously reported on an investigation by the New York Appellate Division disciplinary committee on then chief counsel of the BPCA Seema Singh. It stemmed from her role in possibly rigging BPCA RFP contracts, as alleged in the federal civil lawsuit by Kirk Swanson Swanson v Shari Hyman, BPCA, 15-CV-06938 SDNY. However, being an officer of the court, if Swanson’s allegations are true, then Ms. Singh committed crimes that should disbar her.

After our reporting, Ms. Singh was ousted from the BPCA. But her exact fate was unknown. We have now learned that she was placed in another job in a different state shadow government “authority”, the MTA.

BP.TV believes as opinion that Ms. Singh was complicit in so many of the scandals of the BPCA, and knew where the bodies lie, that it was better to help her find another cushy government job than to fire her. The discovery process of a lawsuit by Ms. Singh could have been quite damaging to the BPCA.

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