Exclusive: Marina contract finalized

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North Cove Marina 6-8-2015

Update June 9, 2015- The BPCA board convened today and made no mention of this 800-pound gorilla in the room. The completely dodged the marina contract issue.

Update June 8, 2015- We have obtained the contract between the BPCA and Brookfield, which was signed on May 6th. Full story to come.

June 6, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

IGY Marinas and the Colgate sailing school are both operational now in the North Cove Marina, according to multiple sources. We spoke with a captain of a yacht at the marina who said that he was paying IGY Marinas. There is also an IGY small hut set up on the Northeast corner of the marina.IGY hut North Cove Marina

We also spoke with two employees of the sailing school on the other side of the marina. They said that they were in business and sending boats out into the water.

Recall, the marina had sat idle all year as the contract between Brookfield and the BPCA had gone unsigned. No reason was ever given for the delay. On May 6th, Brookfield gave an update before the CB1, and the contract was still not finalized.

Bella Donna catamaran North Cove Marina

The yacht captain we spoke with complained that this marina lacked crucial infrastructure compared to others around the world. There is no hardwired Internet connection, for example. Also there is no place to “pump out” the sewage from the boats.

Given that IGY Marinas and Brookfield Properties have been unwilling to even purchase docks to replace the ones that Mike Fortenbaugh towed way, it seems unlikely that they will spend significant capital to install a sewage facility, or anything else.

The BPCA board will convene on Tuesday the 9th of June. Stay tuned.

Tats yacht North Cove Marina

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