Exclusive: Mike Fortenbaugh gets more support for his marina

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Yacht croopedOctober 24, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

We have learned that State Senator Dan Squadron and City Councilwoman Margaret Chin have also weighed in and have written letters of support for Mike Fortenbaugh to stay on as the operator of the North Cove Marina. This comes after Sheldon Silver did the same.

With the BPCA in chaos as a result of the numerous scandals, the odds seem to be in favor of Mike Fortenbaugh winning this David vs. Goliath battle. For the BPCA to defy the elected officials and award Brookfield Properties or friends of Governor Cuomo the marina would be highly controversial.

Anthony Notaro refuses to pass resolution in support of Mike Fortenbaugh’s North Cove Marina


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