Exclusive: Real cops now patrol the esplanade by Pier-A

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Police patrolling esplanadeApril 17, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

A special Critical Response unit of the NYPD has been assigned to patrol the esplanade near Pier-A and the South Cove. This comes as crime has spiked inside of the city parks, even BPC.

BatteryPark.TV has given feedback to the First precinct many times that the green uniformed park patrol have been inadequate at patrolling the parks, often leaving BPC and heading to other parks, etc. Captain Falcon, the former head of the BPC PEP, is no longer around.

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  1. DR. Carr says:

    Perhaps the Police can do something about the constant drugs in Gateway. We have ID’d the tenant in Gateway 400 doing drugs openly in the stairs and elsewhere creating a foul smell and a fire danger. The management knows who it is and they have failed to do anything

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