Exclusive: The Patriot Saloon fails to attend local meeting of NYPD and bar owners

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May 31, 2012

BatteryPark.TV has learned that the First Precinct hosted a meeting between the NYPD and local bar owners to discuss growing concerns from the community that late night drunken patrons are becoming a menace to TriBeCa, FiDi, and Battery Par. Notable absent from the meeting was the Patriot Saloon (Chambers and Church Streets).

The Patriot has been the source of numerous serious complaints. Fights and liquor license violations have been reported within the last several years. At the monthly First Precinct Community Affairs meetings, residents frequently express concerns about the drunken patrons of The Patriot spilling into the streets.

Compounding the safety problems now are fences placed along Chambers Street to wall off the street construction. A night, the walkway is in shadow. On the weekends, subway station maintenance south of Chambers often require riders to get off at City Hall and then walk along Chambers.

The First precinct is aware of the unique problems with The Patriot Lounge and are monitoring the situation.

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