Feds Won’t Say If Artificial Turf on Your Kid’s Soccer Field Is Safe

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West Thames grass field before and afterSeptember 30, 2015- BatteryPark.TV has previously reported on the unsafe artificial turf fields popping up everywhere. Recently, we posted “Artificial turf fields are such a bad idea“.

Today, NBC reports, “Despite a series of NBC News reports on the growing debate about the safety of crumb rubber artificial turf, the federal agencies that regulate the product have remained largely silent.

Earlier this month, in fact, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency would not answer a direct on-camera question about whether the surface found on playgrounds and athletic fields across the country is safe for kids to play on.

“I have nothing to say about that right now,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told NBC’s Stephanie Gosk when Gosk caught up with her in a Capitol Hill hallway. Prior to their encounter, NBC had already made repeated requests for interviews with the EPA without success.”

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